Creative Projects & Portfolio

Copy & Content Writing

• press releases

• marketing, brochures, & flyers

• applications & essays

• product descriptions

• digital & print articles

Grant Writing

• assist, collaborate, and write current and time-sensitive grants

• develop written proposals

• help complet grant packets & materials

•write content and prepare necessary applications

Editing & Proofreading

• serve as resource for all questions on grammar & spelling

• proofread & edit reports, essays, and marketing materials for errors

•edit and assist with internals and external marketing & communications

Design Projects

• create and edit website & digital content

• website building & management

•design sponsorship decks, presentations, and other graphic designs

Bios & Personal Essays

• craft memorable and professional bios

• edit & structure essays, descriptions, and blurbs

• applications & essays

• assist with applications, resumes, cover letters, and personal statements

Speech Writing

• research and write speeches

• advise & assist with op-eds, presentations, and interviews

• collaborate on messaging to ensure tone and voice

• generate ideas and topics for internal and external audiences

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